Ched, I wrote you a fanfiction~ <3

(Tumblrnon=Tumblr Anon)


Tumblrnon, fondly called Tumblina, sat in her room after a dreary Tuesday at school. She had been sitting at her desk, constantly refreshing her Tumblr page, waiting for Ched to post something. She waited for awhile, but soon became impatient. She busied herself thinking of questions to ask him.

'I wonder if I should skip the intermission,' she pondered. The intermission DID seem long and rather tedious. 'Or maybe I should ask him what his OTP's are,' she thought about this for awhile, which made her wonder about things like romance and sexuality among other things.

'I wonder what Ched's sexuality is. Maybe he's dating Pancake or something,' she giggled, remembering when Pancake and Ched had been making a big deal out of sweater puppies. 'I could mess with him and just put the words sweater puppies in his ask box.' She snickered silently to herself.

'But gosh, Ched would probably get all sarcastic on me if I did that,' Tumblina thought. 'I mean really, Ched has been getting kind of grumpy lately. He's not as fun as he used to be.'

Tumblina sighed and refreshed her Tumblr page again, not expecting anything new, but hopeful all the same. She was surprised when she found a post from Ched directed at her! Her eyes widened at she clicked the “Read More” button.

When she read through the post the first time, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She read through again a second time, and then a third. Ched was asking her to meet him at the park. Ched was asking her to meet him at the park! He said that they would even have a picnic!

Tumblina nearly swooned out of delight.

Suddenly, she snapped back to reality. ‘But what should I wear?!’ she though nervously, glancing towards her closet. ‘Gosh, this is so exciting!’

She soon ended up choosing her favorite fancy pink dress, and her matching sunhat, running out of the door to meet Ched on time.

When Tumblina arrived at the park, she saw Ched waiting for her. He smiled and waved, and Tumblina’s heart skipped a beat. She went over to meet him, and he locked arms with her.

Tumblina blushed in embarrassment, as her hand went up to her cheek to cover her blush. Ched just looked up at her and smiled, and suddenly, Tumblina knew something. She didn’t know how, it was just something in his gaze.

She knew suddenly, that she shouldn’t skip the intermission. Everything in Homestuck was important. Andrew Hussie has all of these things laid out. Don’t skip the intermission.

She and Ched merrily continued their walk through the park, coming to a stop at a small spot Ched thought would be good for the picnic. Tumblina quickly nodded in agreement as she went to help Ched set out the picnic.

As they finished setting the picnic, she glanced into Ched’s eyes again. Something hit her again.

It didn’t matter what his sexuality was, or who he was dating. Why did she even need to worry about those things? Ched was Ched. She sighed inwardly, though. Ched had been being sarcastic lately, though. He was a different Ched than the Ched she used to know.

They continued their picnic in silence, packing up the picnic basket after they finished. Then they laid lazily in the grass for a bit, taking a short rest.

Tumblina sat up a bit later, followed by Ched, when she realized that the sun was already setting. She was surprised, thinking about how she should be getting home soon, but it was too relaxing sitting here by Ched to get up just yet.

She and Ched watched the sunset, and Tumblina looked at Ched for a moment. Ched turned toward her, having seen her looking at him from his peripheral vision, and gave her a warm smile.

Tumblina had her third revelation of the day. Even when Ched was sarcastic, he was still Ched. He was still kind, and still had the same basic funny sense of humor that she always checked his Tumblr for. Ched was still the same Ched she had always known. Nothing about him had changed. He was just Ched.

Suddenly all of the questions Tumblina had thought about asking Ched seemed trivial. None of those things mattered anymore.

Ched had been watching her think this out, and seemed to be aware when she saw the silliness of her questions. He stood up, brushed off the front of his pants, and picked up his picnic basket. Ched then smiled at Tumblina kindly one last time before leaving.

Tumblina smiled, watching him leave, when she realized that he had answered all of her questions. And he didn’t even have to say a thing.